What's All This Then?

Well this is what am doing to make my month more challenging. Challenge me in the comment section either here or on YouTube in the last week of the month, you'll be able to vote from a short list of challenges to decide what I'll be doing next month!

JUNE 2011 : Photos

AUGUST: Re-run

JULY: ??

JUNE: Listen to Nina Simone

MAY: Learn about the emotion fear

APRIL: Find an object and take a photo of it every day in different locations

MARCH: Create a stop motion animation

FEBRUARY: Keri Smith's 'This Is Not A Book' book

Monday, February 15, 2010

Somebody Found It!

Remember when I put out my Limited Edition Art Pieces? Well Maja found it! Maja is a photographer who does some beautiful work and picked up my Limited Edition Art Piece at the cinemas in Newtown. She then sent me through a photo inspired by the art piece she picked up and I have to say it is a beautiful photo, I just love it! It’s my new screen saver so I can see it everyday, check out Maja’s other work while you’re here.
If you have a photo or something you want to send me the email is boughtthetshirt(at)live.com.au and feel free to write anything in the comment section, I love reading everything that gets left there. Hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely, the day before was more exciting for me, I woke up to find a duck in the backyard. A duck! I tried to feed it bread but it didn’t want it then two kookaburras saw I had bread so they came down to eat it but they didn’t like it either. What’s wrong with my bread?

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