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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blog 3 – This Is A Limited Edition Art Piece

So while planning out my limited edition art piece I had a very cool idea. Rather than draw little pictures, making art in the basic sense I could write some things in the square and put them around in public places for people to find and read. So that's what I did, and if you are reading this because you found one of these limited edition art pieces, send me a message on my YouTube account http://www.youtube.com/boughtthetshirt so we can organise a picture of you with your art piece and I can organise a prize for you!

So that was my idea but then I felt bad for the people not living in Sydney who can't play this game! If you are reading this and you aren't in Sydney then your mission is to read one of the 10 quotes and actions below and pick one to carry out. Let me know how it all goes for you, more games are on the way!


  • Your art is A GIFT: "Business affected him profoundly almost as profoundly, one might say, as the birth of Christ affected the shopkeeper" –R.Dahl
    • Go and make someone a gift. Bake, draw, create and give with a hug.
  • Your art is SPECIAL: "To get a woman's attention, you have to pay attention to her" – F. Abagnale.
    • Someone special in your life? Tell them.
  • Your art is BRAVE: "The dark is unsafe only to the extent that we fear it." –M. Scott
    • Go try something you are afraid of.
  • Your art is A CONVERSATION STARTER: "Talking about yourself can be selfish or generous." –J. Marsden
    • Start a conversation.
  • Your art is OBVIOUS: "You don't always need a smoke alarm to know your house is on fire." – J.Marsden
    • Something in your way? An elephant in the room? Talk about it, identify it, it may get up and leave on its own.
  • Your art is SOULFUL: "Unknown by years of thinking is deeply felt and understood the minute that it's sinking." –M. Leunig
    • Sit still and rest and think for a minute. Give yourself and your soul time to settle.
  • Your art is TICKING OVER: "Only he who has lived in darkness truly knows and values the light." –S. Lawhead
    • If your times are tough breathe in deep and know that this too shall pass.
  • Your art is THANKFUL: "Why honour the creature when the Creator is present?" –S. Lawhead
    • Who is making your dinner tonight? Marvel at them not at your plate. Making your own dinner? Aren't you marvellous.
  • Your art is LOCAL: "Who we are depends on where we are" –M. Scott
    • Find your happy place, sit there and get back to being your true self.
  • Your art is MADNESS: "Madness is the inability to communicate your ideas. We've all felt that. And all of us, one way or another are mad." –P. Coelho
    • Don't belittle simply because you don't understand. Let the argument go.


  1. Well I am a long way from Sydney but I like the quote "Your art is local, "Who we are depends on where we live"-M.Scott
    So I stopped and looked at my place today, the sea filling the estuary with the high tide. Then geese flying in, the first snowdrops, birds singing. The green countryside, my little village. I grew up here.
    Yea I'm happy with my place and it inspires me to draw. Everthing I draw I find in my place.
    Good luck with the project, its fun.

  2. I love your approach to this project! I won't find any of your pieces of advice here in Stockholm, though I'll tell my s-i-l who lives in Sydney to look out for them! Good luck.

  3. I love Keri Smith and I love your blog. Devoted a little video to your project :) I took on the task of responding to "This too shall pass"


    www.megmcgrath.com :)

  4. totally inspiring and love the ideas/quotes.

    My art is . . . . have to think.

    Won't find any of your stuff here either in London,UK!

    But will be making something :)

    over at: www.101birdtales.blogspot.com