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Well this is what am doing to make my month more challenging. Challenge me in the comment section either here or on YouTube in the last week of the month, you'll be able to vote from a short list of challenges to decide what I'll be doing next month!

JUNE 2011 : Photos

AUGUST: Re-run

JULY: ??

JUNE: Listen to Nina Simone

MAY: Learn about the emotion fear

APRIL: Find an object and take a photo of it every day in different locations

MARCH: Create a stop motion animation

FEBRUARY: Keri Smith's 'This Is Not A Book' book

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It's INTERACTIVE TUESDAY are you excited? You should be because you need to go on a scavenger hunt! Look online however you normally search for things to find the following 10 things:

  1. An item on Keri Smith's list of 100 ideas
  2. The name of soap from the brand Lush
  3. A song lyric written by Newton Faulkner
  4. Somebody you've met
  5. The answer to a riddle
  6. A website that is green
  7. A fact about Australia
  8. Something recycled
  9. A book title with the word "letter" in it
  10. Bold text

Once you've found everything on the list in whatever way you think fits the description put it in the comment section! Pass it on too, no harm done by scavenging in pairs or competing against a friend or co-worker!


  1. 1. this is a picture of something inexpensive i bought as a symbol for my need to create. i found it at an antique fair for really cheap, i have a thing for antique-like perfume bottles. this was number 3 on keri's list.
    2."honey i washed the kids soap" i liked this name the best
    3. i just don't know where to begin when everyone is you
    4. she is someone i met while living in seattle
    5. the answer is: put a little boogie in it
    6. this isn't exactly a green website, but it's the first thing i thought of.
    7. The first recorded use of the word Australia in English was in 1625 in "A note of Australia del Espíritu Santo, written by Master Hakluyt" and published by Samuel Purchas in Hakluytus Posthumus. (i got that from wikipedia)
    8. recycled
    9. the scarlet letter
    10. bold text

    Hi, I'm Elizabeth I live in the US and I'm bored and unemployed as well. I like your blog because I have 2 of Keri's other books but I've been really lame lately and haven't finished either of them. Maybe I wouldn't be so bored if I actually would wreck my journal. :) I hope all my links work in my list.

  2. 1. trace the path of the moon in relation to where you live.

    2. Figs & Leaves Soap

    3. And i owe it all,
    To this fall,
    Yes i owe it all,
    To this fall

    4. Frank Edwin Wright III.

    5. the answer is: the outside

    6. http://www.yoga-solingen.de

    7. the awesome band SMUDGE is from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    8. traffic island made of yoghurt pots

    9. The Love Letter (1995) by Cathleen Schine

    10. tangerine tuesday

  3. Oh well done! Thanks for playing Elizabeth and Ms U!! Fantastic thought went into all the answers I was so excited to see that anyone had gone on the scavenger hunt. I even learnt a thing or two, and I have two different Newton Faulkner songs now happily stuck in my head!

    Glad to have swept the boredom away for a few moments, Elizabeth, if it sets in again just blog it out!

  4. 1. warren cullar- fab sculpture!!
    2. quinquereme yum yum!
    3. if we can fast foreward to the end...( thanks for the introduction to a new artist!)
    4.zoey my "jersey cat" on my shoulder as i try to type
    5.a newspaper
    7.i looked for australia's happiness rating (#7 out of 178) and also found- http//meetup.com/I-am- Happy-Project-Sydney-Australia
    another way to help your boredom!!
    8. my t.p. and paper towels
    9."the art of the personal letter"

  5. hey

    here's mine

    1. list 10 things you would like to do everyday

    2. i should coco

    3. and feel the world turn around

    4. www.antonygormley.com

    5. a city wall

    6. www.drinktap.org

    7. it was declared illegal to swim at the beach in the daytime from 1838 - 1902

    8. http://www.johndahlsen.com/

    9. dear me : a letter to my sixteen year old self

    10. http://psdfan.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/bolde1.jpg

    thanks for the mission

    drifting off now =0}

  6. 1. #43 on the 100 list: http://www.flickr.com/photos/robayre/4342592302/
    2.13 Soap (Unlucky for Dirt) Soap
    3. It's just an observation I can't ignore, But people could smile more
    4. http://files.list.co.uk/images/2007/07/03/jeff-tweedy-01.jpg
    5. Silence
    6. http://www.nakedjuice.com/#OurJuices
    7. The world's fastest growing tree is the Australian Eucalyptus. It can grow up to 10 metres in one year.
    8. http://www.outblush.com/women/images/2008/05/recycled-magazine-picture-frame.jpg
    9. The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
    10. BOLD TEXT!

  7. 1. Draw your bike.
    2. Karma Soap
    3. there's infinite detail when you break it down
    4. Steve Winters - host of the longest-running folk radio show in Connecticut - I went to the same college as his son and knew his son from the Postcrypt Coffeehouse, which is also where I met Steve.
    5. In a dictionary.
    6. treehugger.com
    7. "Australia is the world's largest net exporter of coal accounting for 29% of global coal exports," according to The CIA Factbook
    8. a jacket
    9. The sealed letter by Emma Donoghue
    10. semibold, italic, and regular too!

  8. 1. #34: fill an entire page in your journal with small circles. color them in.
    2. the godmother (pink and glittering - the best)
    3. it's hard to see the light when the fridge door is closed.
    4. today i've met my ex-flatmate sara (miss you!)
    5. stove, fire and smoke
    6. http://www.greentreetravel.de
    7. "australia" tells the story about the british aristocrat lady sarah ashley.
    8. http:www.recycling-products.de/product.html
    9. congenial spirits: selected letters - virginia woolf (editor:joanne trautmann banks)
    10. http://www.bayour.com/htmlhelp/b.html

  9. 1. give away something you love
    2. would never use a soap that smells like porridge
    3. I wonder if they know I dont get the jokes
    4. met the eyes of someone on the escalator
    5. nobody ever broke in, somebody broke broke out
    6. www.shizuokatea.com
    7. The prevailing myth is that australian women were the first to obtain the right to vote. In fact, women in New Zealand did first.
    8. paniermehl
    9. Letters Home: Correspondence 1950-1963. Silvia Plath
    10. your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not closed: B