What's All This Then?

Well this is what am doing to make my month more challenging. Challenge me in the comment section either here or on YouTube in the last week of the month, you'll be able to vote from a short list of challenges to decide what I'll be doing next month!

JUNE 2011 : Photos

AUGUST: Re-run

JULY: ??

JUNE: Listen to Nina Simone

MAY: Learn about the emotion fear

APRIL: Find an object and take a photo of it every day in different locations

MARCH: Create a stop motion animation

FEBRUARY: Keri Smith's 'This Is Not A Book' book

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

INTERACTIVE TUESDAY – A Little Guidance Please!

So the challenge for March is to film a stop motion animation. I've spent well, let's just say, too much time on YouTube looking through everyone else's efforts and I am a little overwhelmed! Your task today is to let me know what makes a good Stop Motion Animation film. I have compiled a few of my favourites and I have worked out that I like two things when it comes to stop motion clip. One is cute music and the other is when people are lying down but carrying out things they normally do standing up. So check out these clips: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=AA3B7B5D41C7E7E3 and let me know what you want me take on board for mine. Thanks!


  1. I love this! Was this a music video?

  2. Love it! So creative :)
    If you're looking for cute music, I love anything by Joanna Newsom.
    My husband likes to make stop animation with action figures or any toys he can find. I've also seen people use paper cut out in different shapes. Or you could just use random objects around your home.

  3. Yep, this is a music video by a guy called Oren Lavie http://www.orenlavie.com I probably should have put that in but hey better late than never.

  4. I think what makes a good stop frame animation is the fact that you can make something happen that could not normally happen, but without special effects of any kind. My kids made one with my partner that had loads of little cuddly and plastic animals climbing out of a mug, far more than could possibly fit.
    loved that video, can see why you might be intimidated, but surely your challenge is to make soemthing that is personal to you, not to compete with professionals.
    good luck, will be popping back to see
    p.s. found you via the 'this is not a book' thing, Keri smith blog.