What's All This Then?

Well this is what am doing to make my month more challenging. Challenge me in the comment section either here or on YouTube in the last week of the month, you'll be able to vote from a short list of challenges to decide what I'll be doing next month!

JUNE 2011 : Photos

AUGUST: Re-run

JULY: ??

JUNE: Listen to Nina Simone

MAY: Learn about the emotion fear

APRIL: Find an object and take a photo of it every day in different locations

MARCH: Create a stop motion animation

FEBRUARY: Keri Smith's 'This Is Not A Book' book

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And We’re Almost There!

Preproduction: tick, production: tick, post production: just starting. Every photo I need has been taken! In my usual fashion I have managed to take things a little too seriously, I have spent the best part of a week sourcing props, sewing costumes and pulling apart dolls. I've wound wool around wire to ensure realistic hair movement. I've drawn leaves in different positions so they move in the breeze. I spent the entire night taking photos to ensure a stable lighting environment. Yep, I've lost my mind to the stop motion animation world. And I love it. Nothing better than being taken over by a new obsession that started as a hobby. Being completely committed and inspired to create is awesome, I just wish someone would pay me to do it! Plus the accountability (that's you) is also very helpful.

Well, although I am around halfway through, I am not all the way through so I will go back to composition and editing. Stay tuned, you will get to view the whole thing before the end of March.


  1. 1- Get a city map. walk around the streets every day.

    2- draw your itinarary on transparent paper over the map ( you get one every day. use diferente colors - keep them)

    3 - In your every day walk, take a picture of an object that you find interesting and its portable. ( note down on your map place and date of finding)

    4 - grab the object you just photographed and place them somewhere else in the city. (draw on transperant paper over the map, the lines of your walk/ drive - keep it) Take a picture of the object in a new place you choose . - also mark it on the map.

    5 - do this as many times as you can.
    you get:
    -several pictures of same objects in diferent places, and
    - line drawings of the itinerary of the objects
    - a map that have the places marked where you found the objects and their final place.

    than you can:
    organize in a portfolio and propose it to an exibition on a galery, bar, alternative space ( and documented all the process on blog)


    give your art for free:

    post it on the street, or gite it as post cards or mail cards for free!

  2. P.s. the idea for exibithion is to organize all the material in a kind of instalation or blog/ site / or printed material, that shows all the places and all of the objects, as well as your line or walk ( that you can mesure in meters)
    report every thing: for example: a can of beer from street XXXXX, door, nº XXXXX or latitude and Longitude, to stret XXXX, etc. 400 meter from here to there. - take the object for a walk and document the process! and play with all the ways you can turn this exeperience into art - street or mail art for example.

  3. Good one, thanks Luis! Vote will go up on Thursday!